We’re at the Frio with Elizabeth and Eric and were reminiscing (and trying to explain to Eric) about the Thanksgiving Spiced Peaches 🍑 🧡

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Fam.

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Some thoughts:

1. Did AI know that the original image requester was, indeed, male?

2. Did AI know that there are supposed to be BOOKS at a lady author pirate book party?

3. I hope you were able to sell all the books that show in the picture from yesterday. That's quite an inventory, but I think there were a couple of your titles that were not in the picture!

4. Have fun with your Marblehead buddies tonight and your Cambridge (and maybe New York and other New England) buddies tomorrow night. Wish I could be there to cheer you on.

5. This is what the telegram would say: "To Recipient STOP Congratulations STOP From A Secret Admirer". (Don't forget to tip the Western Union guy.)

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I observe that the first image has noticeably more female pirates than the second “more realistic” one. AI is fascinating….

And more importantly, congratulations on the launch!!!

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Huzzahhh!! I pre-ordered mine from Saltwater Bookstore Store... can't wait till it arrives! A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, Katherine! 🦃🦃🦃

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